more info

i'm not entirely sure what to put on this page as of now, but i'll try to think of something to add at some point

my funny personality type stuff is intp 5w4 584 sp/sx rluei melancholic-phlegmatic (i THINK)

apparently im very funny, which is very nice. i'd like to add a section on here eventually that contains some of my best quotes and one-liners, but i'll figure that out once i get the rest of the site laid out. apparently, i'm also very good at picking up on things?? being told that makes me incredibly happy for some reason. i am the walking textbook example of "gifted kid burnout" but i try my best. i like to think that i'm still decently book-smart, although i'm not particularly good with people.

i am typically very blunt and i speak in a straightforward manner. i often use "big" words & proper grammar (minus capitalization & most punctuation). i may sound dry or insincere at times, but i usually mean what i say, unless i'm simply joking around or not being serious.

some things that bother me are people who joke about serious topics & also those really weird car moving sounds

the background for this is making me really dizzy so i am going to try to maximize the white space on here to cover it up




i like a lot of games and shows and my favorites are demon slayer, ensemble stars, and deltarune/undertale

i used to play cookie run and genshin impact a lot but i don't anymore

a few of my non-media interests are tea, rhythm games, classical music, psychological horror games/books, rpgs, etc.